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What is RetailForce in one short sentence?

The first and only Commerce-as-a-Service firm in the field of Food, Beverage and Pet product sales…

What is RetailForce in one longer sentence?

 …with a full scope of critical and value-add services for Food, Beverage and Pet manufacturers, enabling their success in Canadian, US and selected European markets.

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Why work with us?

We bring critical capabilities to help you address three most important issues facing your business:

  • How to lower cost (by utilizing our business platform),

  • How to minimize risk (by utilizing our expertise)

  • How to increase sales (by building a broader, deeper reach via our network)competence.

What is a “Service”?

”Services” is where you pick what you need, when you need it – and you pay for what you use. The service you select and use – is delivered for you alone. Different companies can select any one or any number of services at any time – unrelated to any other company.

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What is a “Program”?

“Programs” are very different: you sign up for a Program. A program would be a “shared” service delivered to multiple companies at the same time. Programs have a pre-determined schedule that all companies that are part of a program follow.

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Do I have to use multiple services or take part in multiple programs?

Our concept is – use what you need, when you need it, pay for what you use. Upon registering you as a client on RetailForce platform, our Client Services Team will evaluate and make proposal – what is best for you, what is more likely to produce desired result. The final choice is yours.

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How can I cancel a program participation or service use?

Both of our Programs and our Country Management Service have a simple, ”no questions asked”, 30-day cancellation policy. RetailForce Marketplace has the same policy – bar any particular requirements from our partners and other third-party providers.

Do you charge any kind of fixed service fees or retainers?

There are no monthly fees for RetailForce Verified or any of RetailForce Marketplace Services (they are all pay per use). We charge a very low set-up fee for every Service or Program. RetailForce 360 has a low monthly subscription. Country Management has a client-specific cost model

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So tell me again - why would I work with RetailForce?

If you would like to continue knocking on all the doors – from shipping companies to customs, from warehousing to distribution, from brokers to end clients – yourself and by yourself, then you do not need RetailForce.


If you like researching and finding stuff on your own and testing things out – with the benefit of experience but also the burden of associated risks – you do not need RetailForce.

Yet – if you are ready to STOP LOOKING and START SELLING – RetailForce represents a much better way to do Food, Beverage and Pet business in our markets and channels of competence.

We are a one-stop, tried and tested partner – offering you 20+ critical and value-added services, saving you money in the short term, lowering your risk in the mid-term, and earning you money long-term.